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Shark spits out Spanish buttock in NSW

A Spanish tourist has an extraordinary traveller's tale of survival to tell after fighting off a shark while bodyboarding at a beach on the NSW South Coast.

Gonzalo Mompo Fernandez, aged in his late 20s, walked away with just a few scratches to his backside and leg after after a shark nipped him at Killalea State Park - also known as The Farm - near Shellharbour at dusk on Sunday.

He had been bodyboarding with about four mates and is understood to have been in Australia for two weeks.

Park manager Nathan Cattell, who rushed down to the scene shortly after 7pm, says a number of locals had witnessed "a grey shark, about 2-3 metres" come up behind the tourist in the water before latching on.

"To my disbelief, sure enough he had been bitten on the bum," Mr Cattell told AAP on Monday.

"On the inside of the right thigh too, which is a really odd spot.

"He said he hit it a couple of times, then it got off."

The shark left a number of holes measuring 30-40cm in circumference in Mr Fernandez's green wetsuit, but the Spaniard didn't require medical treatment.

"He honestly was scared for his life. He came up and gave me a bear hug," the park manager said.

Mr Cattell said the look on the Spaniard's face was enough to confirm "he got bitten by something".

Given the recent wild weather that had washed a lot of dead eels and wildlife into the ocean from the nearby lagoon, Mr Cattell wasn't surprised a shark may have been lurking.

"The water is dirty, it was evening, there's a fair bit of food about. It's a no-brainer really," said Mr Cattell who recalled a shark attack in the area a year ago.

Surfer Brett Connellan, 23, lost a large chunk of his thigh when he was bitten by a shark at Bombo, about 10km south of The Farm, last March.

The Department of Fisheries is due to report back on the species of shark involved in Sunday's attack.

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