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Thankyou to all the amzing teachers who were nominated in this years Apple for the Teacher and to you for nominating them.

We appreciate everything you do!

Brightwater State School - Kacey Willoughby - WINNER 2017
Brightwater State School - Mrs Mckenna
Brightwater State School - Miss Vleig
Chancellor State College - Mr Pembroke
Kawana Waters State College - Vivienne Meheust
Caloundra State School - Mr Wade Thompson
Delaneys Creek State School - Kerry Buss
Woombye State School - Neil Hamilton
Mooloolaba State School - Miss Angela Hoppe
Kuluin State School - Karen Sigston
Caloundra State School - Mr Watts
Suncoast Christian College - Mrs Lynn Camilleri
Meridan State College - Sally Gower
Mooloolaba State School - Mr webb
Talara Primary College - Mrs Kate Cuthbert-Dennis
Suncoast Christian College - Adam king
Caloundra State School - Mrs Qiokata
Talara Primary College - Ms Jodie Calder
Woombye State School - Mr Emerson
Caloundra State School - Mr Blackman
Glasshouse Christian College - Mrs Shalene Geldenhuys
Kawana Waters State College - Mrs Hardidge
Meridan State College - Miss Paterson
Wamuran State School - Michelle Upin
Chancellor State College - Mrs Birchall
Brightwater State School - Mr Baker
Mountain Creek State School - Mr Estella
Golden Beach State School - Mr Welsh
Woombye State School - Jo Sheard
Siena Catholic Primary School - Mrs Mendes
North Arm State School - Mr mac
Caloundra State School - Mr Hackney
Glasshouse Christian College - Debra Mckinley
Palmwoods State School - Mr Ireland
Kawana Waters State College - Mrs Donovan
Talara Primary College - Miss Crook
Brightwater State School - Mr Neven
St. Andrews Anglican College - Ms Kristen Clark
Talara Primary College - Ms Shannon Waters
Brightwater State School - Danielle Billingsley
Palmwoods State School - Mr Notley
Eumundi State School - Mr Benzie
Kawana Waters State College - Mrs Cowley
Meridan State College - Linda Sydes
Brightwater State School - Joanna Rothwell
Caloundra State School - Mr Curtis Milton
Sunshine Coast Grammar School - Mrs East
Brightwater State School - Mrs Ibbs
Beerburrum State School - Kathy Meneely
Yandina State School - Mrs Thomson
Woombye State School - Ms Chapman
Noosaville State School - Peter Clark
Woombye State School - Mrs Jill Santacaterina
Beerwah State School - Mrs Tanja Mann
St Joseph's Primary Nambour - Garry Forbes
Kawana Waters State College - Jill Edwards
Brightwater State School - Miss Ford
Brightwater State School - Mr Marsden
Mooloolaba State School - Ashleigh Reid
Glasshouse Christian College - Belinda McWilliam
Chancellor State College - Mrs Waterhouse
Brightwater State School - Tegan Trapnell
Kawana Waters State College - Brad Matthews
Meridan State College - Miss Leonie Booy
Siena Catholic Primary School - Mrs Cindy Wells
Siena Catholic Primary School - Mr Linthorne
Siena Catholic Primary School - Sonya McEwan
Wamuran State School - Mrs Kim Tomlinson
Talara Primary College - Mrs Cassar
Nambour Christian College - Linda van der Hulst
Montessori International College - Reni Johnstone
Beerwah State School - Mrs Catherine Brannigan
Noosaville State School - Samantha Grehan
Mooloolaba State School - Miss McLaren
Mooloolaba State School - Amanda Kienzle
Noosa Christian College - Mr Adam Coe
Kuluin State School - Mrs Baker
Siena Catholic Primary School - Mrs Kate Maher
Currimundi Special School - Steve Crawford
Landsborough State School - Mrs Miranda Martin
Chevallum State School - Jackie Clark
Siena Catholic Primary School - Me Terry Kruger
Bli Bli State School - Nicole Merritt
Mooloolah State School - Mr Chris Lowe
Mountain Creek State School - Mrs Allen
Kawana Waters State College - Mr Stephens
Siena Catholic Primary School - Mrs Gen Gold
Elimbah State Primary School - Paul Paroz
Chevallum State School - Miss Jodie Rimland
Pacific Lutheran College - Lara Stiller
Chancellor State College - Mr Deguara
Brightwater State School - Jade Stack
Nambour Christian College - Tammy Easton
Kuluin State School - Amanda Koch
Sunshine Beach State School - Tracey Down
Mountain Creek State School - Mrs Quinn & Mrs Mackenzie
Sunshine Coast Grammar School - Georgia Brown
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Miss White
Siena Catholic Primary School - Mrs Phillips
Buderim Mountain State School - Anita Bottomley
Noosaville State School - Ms Carroll
Kuluin State School - Mr Stockall
Chancellor State College - Mrs Holt
Meridan State College - Mrs Sarah Lewis
Caloundra State School - Tara Williams
Noosaville State School - Mrs Jenny Graham
Suncoast Christian College - Mrs Sandra Thornton
Chevallum State School - Mr Scot Teichmann (Mr T)
Kuluin State School - Ms Stunden
Maleny State Primary School - Mrs Gatehouse
Sunshine Coast Grammar School - Ms Gemma O'Brien
Kuluin State School - Miss Thompson
Glasshouse Christian College - Mrs Lin Smith
Palmwoods State School - Ms Blood
Kawana Waters State College - Brooke Walsh
Caloundra State School - Mrs Raine Martin
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mr Jeffrey Ross
Chancellor State College - Mr Kingston
Mountain Creek State School - Mrs McCann
Mountain Creek State School - Mrs Jenny Helmore
Kawana Waters State College - Chiquita Dielwart
Siena Catholic Primary School - Mr Dave Okeefe
Buddina State School - Mrs Davis
Kawana Waters State College - Megan Murr
Glasshouse Christian College - Lynette Putzier
Chancellor State College - Ms Anna Wilkinson
Meridan State College - Mrs Barry
Mooloolaba State School - Mr Brown
Caloundra Christian College - Julie March
Maroochydore Primary School - Miss kadee clelland
Meridan State College - Miss paice
Buddina State School - Mrs Staley
Brightwater State School - Mrs Reid
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Miss Scott
Palmwoods State School - Fiona Gallina
Kawana Waters State College - Tracee-lee Sturgeon
Kawana Waters State College - Mrs hicks
Talara Primary College - Miss Beavis
Talara Primary College - Mrs Cassandra Sorensen
Golden Beach State School - Ms Lana Harris
Kawana Waters State College - Desiree Foster
Siena Catholic Primary School - Miss Ashleigh Shinnie
Currimundi Special School - Cassandra Perry
Chancellor State College - Ms Donna Green
Glasshouse Christian College - Sarah Jennings
Mapleton State School - Mrs Primmer
Kawana Waters State College - Mrs Logan
Chancellor State College - Mrs Durrant
Mooloolaba State School - Mrs Worner
Chancellor State College - Mr Alefosio
Kawana Waters State College - Mrs Kym Warman
Palmwoods State School - Miss Ellen Baker
Griffin State School - Mrs Stacie Bycroft
Glasshouse Christian College - Miss Leetice Evans
Unity College - Ms Anne Chambers
Meridan State College - Mrs Hayley Lude
Talara Primary College - Mr Evan Luckey
Beerburrum State School - Mrs Sue O'Brien
Coolum State School - Sam Bollard
Peregian Springs State School - Mrs Clair Allan
Mooloolaba State School - Miss Claire Soden-Taylor
Kuluin State School - Mr Phil Allen
Landsborough State School - Mrs Stubbings
Coolum State School - Gayle Spencer
Sunshine Coast Grammar School - Mr Chris Smith
Woombye State School - Sue Prickett
Mooloolaba State School - Miss Turner
Buderim Mountain State School - Mrs Willett
North Arm State School - Miss Wilson
Unity College - Miss Amelia Colman
Kawana Waters State College - Tanya Favier
Meridan State College - Mrs Bree Shaw
Unity College - Olivia Augustakis
Nambour Christian College - Mrs Susie Le Fevre
Noosaville State School - Sven McNiven
Peregian Springs State School - Rachel Dowling
Unity College - Sharon Poncini
Mooloolaba State School - Miss Preston
Immanuel Lutheran College - Mrs Timmer
Noosaville State School - Miss Parnell
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mrs Hughes
Peregian Springs State School - Jessica Birss
Chancellor State College - Salene Cathcart
Caloundra State School - Mrs O'Shea
Chancellor State College - Ms Cathy Jones
Burnside State School - Hayley Chamberlain
Coolum State School - Mrs Greenland
Tullawong State School - Nicole Enright
Talara Primary College - Mr Philp
Talara Primary College - Ms Harrison
Noosaville State School - Narelle Hartley
Caloundra State School - Mrs Kean
Talara Primary College - Mrs Leigh White
Chancellor State College - Kirsten Durbidge
Mooloolaba State School - Mrs Tania skiller
Unity College - Kerryn Poncini
Caloundra State School - Miss Bradburn
Palmwoods State School - Clair Naismith
Siena Catholic Primary School - Mrs Kylie Middleton
Caloundra State School - Christine Garrick
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mrs Armijo
Unity College - Mrs Kathy Basse
Immanuel Lutheran College - Mrs Vanessa Mansfield
Bli Bli State School - Mrs Cawthan
Mooloolaba State School - Mrs Habel & Mrs Hay
Caloundra State School - Mrs Anderson
Kuluin State School - Mr Grummitt
Taabinga State School - Sue Murphy
Golden Beach State School - Mrs Ali Foster
Unity College - Jeremy Bell
Caloundra State School - Judy Sperling
Landsborough State School - Ashlea Mcguire
Maleny State Primary School - John byrne
Our Lady of the Rosary - Donna McKenna
Coolum State School - Mrs Hoffmann
Suncoast Christian College - Miss Pesu
Chancellor State College - Mrs Buckley
Coolum State School - Mrs Morris
Nambour Christian College - Mrs Lee Franssen
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mr Dennis Quinn
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mrs Burr
Cooroy State School - Mr Steve Spencer
Palmwoods State School - Mr Poingdesstre
Unity College - Mrs Mahoney
Unity College - Kaylene Hiranil
Peregian Beach College - Mr Dupuy
Mooloolaba State School - Mrs Chris Russell
Mountain Creek State School - Mr Dion Binnie
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Miss Jessica Baggott
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mr Kelleher
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mrs Roberts
Siena Catholic Primary School - Mrs Kathleen Halliday
Bargara State School - Mrs Ferguson
Talara Primary College - Mrs Selina Stone
Cooroy State School - Mrs Gumley
Chancellor State College - Mrs Kim Jope
Coolum State School - Maurie Corvisy
Kuluin State School - Kirri Freihofner
Mooloolaba State School - Ms Birkett
Tewantin State School - Mrs Eleison
Mooloolaba State School - Anne-Maree Smith
Palmwoods State School - Mrs Morley
Mountain Creek State School - Miss Sue Hurst
Buderim Mountain State School - Mrs Coleman
Nambour Special School - Vicky Smith
Mooloolaba State School - Kathy Brown
Peregian Springs State School - Mr Neisler
Landsborough State School - Mrs Irene Faulkner
Burnside State School - Joanna Campbell
Nambour Special School - Vanessa Lewis
Burnside State School - Mrs Wanda Maher
Chancellor State College - Naomi Gutteridge
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mrs Holly Jarden
Kuluin State School - Miss Jeffery
Landsborough State School - Mrs Cassar
Our Lady of the Rosary - Mrs Head
St Thomas More Primary - Louise Hokanson
Suncoast Christian College - Mrs Searle
Kuluin State School - Kristine Kelly
Our Lady of the Rosary - Mr T
Landsborough State School - Mr Brown
Our Lady of the Rosary - Mrs Carter
Caloundra State School - Mrs Tuck
Landsborough State School - Ms Wise
Peregian Springs State School - Mrs Holt
Golden Beach State School - Michele Adamson
Our Lady of the Rosary - Patrick Finch
Pacific Paradise State School - Mr Holman
Currimundi State Primary School - Mrs Gynes
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mrs Mercedes Clear
Peregian Springs State School - Alexandra Jennings
Coolum State School - Mrs Nix
Our Lady of the Rosary - Mr.pon
Mooloolaba State School - Helen Hay
Our Lady of the Rosary - Miss Amanda Turlik
Golden Beach State School - Cathy Pinel
Sunshine Beach State School - Ronda Richardson
Immanuel Lutheran College - Mrs Everson
Kuluin State School - Ms Brazier
Buderim Mountain State School - Mrs Ruhle
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School - Mrs Burke
Our Lady of the Rosary - Diana marchese
Peregian Springs State School - Miss Saunders
Suncoast Christian College - Ms. Jenkin
Sunshine Beach State School - Maria Coutts
Our Lady of the Rosary - Belinda Young
Coolum State School - Emily Champness
Coolum State School - Rita Stefanovic
Landsborough State School - Mr Corcoran
Currimundi State Primary School - Mrs Brock
Coolum State School - Miss Heywood