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The Countdown to Switch is On

Nintendo Switch launches in Australia on March 3 and the whole country is excited. 

The general feeling I get from talking to people in the gaming community is that this console is easilly as groundbreaking as the orginal Wii.

The Wii U had some success but the SWITCH looks like a real game changer. The fact that the console has several unique ways to use it is a great addition, especially things like the controls clicking apart and joining the console screen so you can game on the go.

Major game releases on launch will be big this time round as well as we look forward to the new Zelda game. The Breath of the Wild looks to bring the franchise back in a big way. 


Later on in the year we'll see a new Mario game called Mario Odyssey that has a look and feel that is not only next level but also reminds me of one of Nintendo's greatest games Mario 64 which is still loved by people today.

One mistake that was made on Wii U was that Mario Kart took a long time to get to the console. Nintendo have given us news that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be on the console which is a new and improved version of the Mario Kart 8 we saw on Wii U. (I must admit the Mario Kart games are my favourite.

One launch title that you should have is 1-2 Switch, think back to how much fun you had with the mini games on Wii Sports. The new Switch controllers can do so much more and this video shows just how much.

Wanna see just how excited people are the the Nintendo Switch, check out the video from the Sydney event.