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Halo Wars 2 - Review

I don't mind real time strategy games but given the choice to play a Halo Wars game or let's say "Halo 5" I'd definatly go with 5. 

Part of the magic of the Halo universe comes down to the feeling of a one man army against the entire universe and i think the WARS titles fail to capture that.

The control system on RTS games can always be a tad clunky but Halo Wars 2 hasn't really done anything to combat that.

You need super reaction speed to even notice that your units are dying and then double that to do anything about it. 

I've got to say, If you are a massive fan of all things Halo you are going to enjoy this much more than I did and the visuals and cinematics are a really beautiful insight into the enitre franchise universe and tell a really strong story.

Multiplayer is good fun as usual with this genre of game and the single player modes like Firefight can be hectic but rewarding.

At the end of the day the game will give you a Real Time Strategy buzz, but what we really need is another Starcraft, Warcraft or Age of Empires. 

Halo Wars 2 is a 2 out of 5