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The Dark Tower - First Trailer Is Here

After years of failed attempts to bring to life the epic masterpiece that is Stephen King's The Dark Tower we finally get a first look at the film version of the story.

In an unusual twist it seems the filmakers have decided to create a sequel of sorts rather than a direct adaption. This could be a genius move as any direct version of the books would be constantly compared and with a story as loved as The Dark Tower there would bound to be disappointments. 

The film features one of my favourite actors at the moment Idris Elba as Roland (The Gunslinger) a man who was described in the books as a Clint Eastwood type of cowboy, but that book was written when Stephen King was 19 and Idris is what the modern Gunslinger of 2017 would be. (If you haven't seen him in a TV show called Luther you need to). 

The villain of the movie is played by Matthew McConaughey who in recent years has really shown the world what a magnificent actor he is especially with a particular role in a TV series called True Detective and of course his Oscar win with Dallas Buyers Club.

"The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed"is the opening line of the first book, in a way it's the core of the story and it certainly seems so from this first look. 

Check out the trailer here: