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Oaks Day Brings the Thunda!

Hot 91 Ladies Oaks Day presents "Thundamentals"

Thundamentals 4th and most accomplished long-

player ‘Everyone We Know’ just debuted at number 2 on the ARIA charts.

In what feels like a coming of age, recorded at the studio of good friends Hermitude

in Sydney’s Inner West, ‘Everyone We Know’ is the band’s first album to be released

on their own label "High Depth" and in the words of Rolling Stone: “pushes their

sound even further from their last genre-defying effort… cement[ing] them as a

creative force to be reckoned with.” (4 stars)

Reputation’s like the one Thundamentals’ carry must be earned. Ten years and 4

albums deep into a career that has seen them relentlessly carve up venues across

Australia and Europe whilst gracing almost every major music festival in the country

along the way - the Blue Mountains via Sydney Hip Hop outfit are now heralded as

one of Australia’s most exciting and powerful live acts.

Off the back of album tracks "Never Say Never"and "Think About It Ft. Peta & The

Wolves” resulting in more national airplay than the band have ever had before, it’s

only fitting that the "Everyone We Know" official Australia & New Zealand album

launch tour is the biggest they’ve ever announced.

Boasting a musicality rooted in hip hop but at the same time transcending it to offer

something for anyone who simply loves music, ‘Everyone We Know’ is an album

inspired by real people and real stories. Thundamentals would love for you to be a

part of that story, and they a part of yours.


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