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Public Health alert issued for measles


Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service is advising residents to be on the lookout for symptoms of measles after personwas diagnosed with the virus after returning from a Bali trip.

Public Health Physician Dr Andrew Langley said an adult returning from overseas visited several locations in the community while theywereinfectious.

A measles alert has been issued for people visiting the following areas:


• Blended Health Bar on Hastings street: on Saturday, 4 March between the times of 10 and 11am
• Hastings Street, Noosa: on Saturday, 4 March between the times of 10 and 11am

GPs and hospitals have been notified of the possibility of measles cases presenting.

Dr Langleysaid information had been sent to the venues with workers and patrons being contacted where possible.

“It is important to clearly understand that these businesses have not been responsible for causing any risk to public health” 

“Anyone born after 1965 who werein these areas and who has not been fully vaccinated against measles (two doses of MMR) should see their GP immediately.

Furthermore, if you are unimmunized, travelled to this area, and are sick with fever, please see your GP

When attending any medical facility, please be sure tophone ahead to inform them that you have been exposed to measles, so that processes are in place to protect other patients from illness” 

Two doses of a measles containing vaccine will provide long term protection from the infection.

There have been numerous recent cases of measles imported to Australia from Bali which emphasises the importance of routine immunization, and safe travel health practices. 

Measles is a highly infectious and serious viral infection that causes fever, cough, runny nose, sore eyes, and a red spotty rash a few days later. It is often a severe diseasethat can occasionally haveseriouscomplications

It is spread by tiny droplets in the air or by contact with infected secretions from the nose or mouth.

It is recommended anyone born during or since 1966, who has not had two documented doses of measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine or had proven measles, should visit their local GP to get vaccinated for measles.

The vaccine is free for anyone who requires it.