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Hospital access boosted with second project complete

sunshine coast public university hospital

Access to the $1.87 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) precinct has been further boosted with a second road improvement project completed.

Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said upgrades had been completed ahead of schedule on a section of Kawana Way Link Road to boost capacity and improve traffic flow around Woodlands and Creekside boulevards.

“The area was identified by the SCUH Taskforce as a key entry point and targeted for upgrade under the $22 million Queensland Government State Infrastructure Plan,” Mr Bailey said.

“The upgrades were regarded as the second highest priority project by the interagency taskforce behind the Kawana Way roundabout upgrades completed at the end of February this year.”

Mr Bailey said the $22 million worth of capacity improvements would sustain 43 local jobs throughout the project.

“This section of Kawana Way Link Road was a known congestion hot spot and widening the road through this area will improve traffic flow to allow more vehicles to move through key intersections more quickly,” he said.

“Motorists will now enjoy dual lanes in both directions on a key section of Kawana Way Link Road, more dedicated turn lanes and an extended turn lane into Woodlands Boulevard.

“I thank nearby residents for their patience while these important improvements were made.”

The upgrades include widening Kawana Way Link Road from just south of the Woodlands Boulevard intersection through to the intersection with Creekside Boulevard/Kawana Way, to allow for:

  • two traffic lanes in both directions
  • an extended left turn lane from Kawana Way Link road into Woodlands Boulevard
  • an additional left turn lane from Kawana Way Link Road to Kawana Way
  • two dedicated right turn lanes from Kawana Way to Kawana Way Link Road
  • a dedicated through lane from Kawana Way to Creekside Boulevard.

Mr Bailey said on-road cycling facilities were also incorporated as part of the works on Creekside Boulevard.

“Planning for further works on Nicklin Way are continuing and we will call for community feedback on proposed changes later in 2017,” he said.

“The Palaszczuk Government is investing in the Sunshine Coast after three years of inaction by the Nicholls-Newman Government.”

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