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Crime spike in Pelican Waters and Golden Beach

broken window

Police are warning residents in Pelican Waters and Golden Beach to be extra diligent with their home and vehicle security after police have identified an increase in burglary, steal from vehicle and stolen vehicle offences within the last month.

Between April 13 and May 13, 25 offences were reported to police:

  • Burglary to houses and steal from vehicle offences accounted for 68% of all reported property offences followed by enter with intent, UUMV and stealing.
  • The majority of offences occurred between 2pm and 5.30am with a peak between 9pm and 5.30am. Owners of the property were all absent at the time.
  • The majority of dwellings were entered by either jimmying or smashing doors and windows.
  • Thieves were selective in targeting jewellery and cash.
  • The majority of vehicles were entered through unlocked doors.

If you haven’t done a recent security audit of your home, then this is the time to be proactive and ensure that your home and vehicle security is on point.

We have provided the following checklist for you and if you would like some assistance, please contact Sunshine Coast Crime Prevention Unit who can attend your residence and conduct a FREE home security audit:

  • Lock your windows, doors and garage and secure windows even while at home; this includes the upper level of your home
  • DO NOT leave valuables, keys, wallets, phones on the bench or in plain view
  • Lock internal doors from the garage into the house; keep garage doors locked
  • Install key operated locks or security grills on windows & deadlocks on doors
  • Padlocks on side gates to back yard
  • Finger guards on security doors that are not always key-locked
  • Alarm – install and set
  • Do not leave keys in security locks on your windows or door
  • Remove external objects that can be used as ladders
  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Report any suspicious behaviour to police as that can prevent and solve crime