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75 Dead in Peru flooding

Seventy-five people have died, 263 have been injured, 20 are missing and about 100,000 have suffered property damage in Peruvian flooding.

A report by the National Emergency Operations Centre (COEN), which includes damage registered since the rainy season began in December, does not count the four people who disappeared on Saturday when a bridge collapsed and they fell into a flood-swollen river.

The flooding has also destroyed 12,000 homes, 25 schools and eight hospitals or clinics, along with about 2,000 kilometres of roadways and almost 9,000 hectares of crops.

Most of the victims are in the northern regions of Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad and Ancash, where 25 people have died, 111 are injured, eight are missing, 81,000 have lost their homes and about 8,200 houses have been destroyed.

The heavy rains are due to El Nino, which has heated the ocean along the Peruvian coast to an abnormal degree, producing intense and unusual rainfall.

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