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New website to tackle childhood obesity

Often one of the most difficult parts of eating healthy is choosing the right food at the supermarket, but a new website, launched today could help you make that decision.

Healthy Kids for Professionals features an innovative video teaching families how to make healthy choices at the supermarket and a healthy weight calculator for children.

The NSW Health website has been launched to battle against childhood obesity after new data found parents had limited awareness of overweight or obesity in their children.

"We have to find new and clear ways of reaching the families of these children to improve their understanding of healthy weight ranges and healthy habits," NSW Health's chief health officer Kerry Chant said.

The supermarket video tour takes viewers on a guided tour of a supermarket with a dietician and has been designed for health professionals to help patients make diet and lifestyle changes, Australian Medical Association vice-president Kean-Seng Lim says.

"The choices made when buying food have the potential to impact on the whole household. It's especially important in the case of young people, as the habits a child learns will continue into adulthood," Dr Lim said,

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