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lachlan plane

It's nearly time for Sunshine Coast teenager Lachlan Smart. He will take off on what he hopes will be a world record breaking flight!

In the flight, known as Wings Around the World, Smart is attempting to become the youngest person in history to fly solo around the world in a single engine aircraft, and with support in the local Sunshine Coast community growing, Hot 91 FM will be flying with him throughout the journey to provide the Sunny Coast with updates throughout the seven and a half week odyssey.

Lachlan Smart will depart the Sunshine Coast in the early hours of Monday July 4. The community and media are invited to the Sunshine Coast Airport a day prior on Sunday July 3 for an official farewell beginning at 2pm AEST. 

He will have 24 stops on his around the world flight with his first stop being in Fiji.

Lachlan is most looking forward to flying over the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

Let's get behind Lachlan and if you can donate, click here!