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Help Indie's Fight Against INAD


Little Indie's family are preparing to say goodbye to the four-and-a-half year old who has been battling with a rare genetic disease Neuraxonal Dystrophy (INaD).

INaD is a terminal disease affecting the nerve axons (which are responsible for conducting messages) in the brain and other parts of the body, causing progressive loss of vision and of physical and mental skills. Indie can no longer move by herself, is unable to communicate and her vision is beginning to detiriorate.

Indie's father Dean is faced with the impossible choice of going to work to provide for his family or to be by his daughters bedside. 

A bank account has been set up to help Indie's family in their time of need. If you would like to donate, bank account details are below.

Indie Fitzgerald, Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 064239
Account number: 10083874.

You can also donate through Indie's GoFundMe page Indie's Little Legs, and follow her journey on Facebook.